The Common Scholarship Application (CSA) is a subsidiary of the EDU, Inc. Common Black College Application.  We constantly hear that the scholarship search is one of the most daunting task that a student has to face as they prepare to attend college.  The CSA was developed using the same guiding principles that were used to create the CBCA – simplify the application process. We are projecting that the CSA will be launched later this Spring. Students will be able to search for scholarships online using the CSA and ultimately use one application to apply.

Scholarship Providers that until now have been plagued by the difficulty associated with being able to identify prospective scholarship recipients. Scholarship Providers will not be able to search for students online  that meet the desired requirements for their scholarships while being able to view the prospective scholarship recipient’s application, transcript, essay and recommendations online.

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LIST OF SCHOLARSHIPS: Please note this list is provided to help students identify potential scholarships. The EDU, Inc. Common Black College Application nor any of its affiliates  are in no way responsible for the awarding of scholarships. In addition, we have no information about the scholarships other than what is listed. We endeavor to provide the most accurate information possible. However, it may be possible that the deadline form some of these scholarships has past.