Although you will be asked to select your top four college choices, when completing the Common Black College Application, your application is made available to all 58 Member Institutions.
The Common Black College Application (CBCA) allows you to apply to any number of our 58 Member Institutions at the same time for only $20.

The application process is the same whether you are applying as a freshman, transfer or international student, but the information you need to provide with your application will vary.
1. Click on the Apply Now button on any of our web pages to submit your application. If you have problems making the payment once your application has been submitted, please click on this PayPal link. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make the payment. You can use a debit or credit card.
2. You will be taken to which is where you will complete the application.
3. In order to begin the application process, you must first Register by creating an account using your first and last name,  user name and password.
4. Once your application is completed, you will be given the option of paying the $20 application fee immediately or submitting the payment at a later date.
5. While completing your application, you will be asked to provide an email address for your School Counselor.
6. That email address will be used to notify your School Counselor to create an account in our system so that your Official Transcript and test scores (ACT or SAT) can be uploaded.
7.  You have the ability to upload your Unofficial Transcript and test scores (SAT or ACT) by logging into your application with your email address and password and clicking on Application Details.
8. If you are a transfer student, you are required to send an official copy of your
transcript(s) to all of the CBCA Member Institutions you are interested in attending.
9. You can track the progress of your application, communicate with our Member Institutions and upload Unofficial Transcripts and your test scores (SAT or ACT)  by  logging into your application with your email address and password and clicking on Application Details.
Ninth and Tenth Grade Students 
1. If you are a 9th or 10th grade student and you are interested in completing the Practice Common Black College Application (PCBCA) click here.
2. The PCBCA has been developed to help 9th and 10th grade students become familiar with the college application process while increasing their awareness concerning the educational opportunities available at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.